Who we are

Travyu is an experiential tourism platform offering a wide range of tourism experiences throughout the country, with a focus on central Italy and the beautiful Marche region. Our mission is to take you off the traditional tourism routes, allowing you to discover hidden and authentic corners far from mass tourism. We are not limited to the summer period: thanks to the involvement of the fascinating inland areas, our proposals are active all year round, allowing you to experience unique emotions in every season.

Travyu invites you to explore through a variety of activities suitable for all ages and levels of difficulty. You can choose from exciting ebike rides that will expose you to breathtaking landscapes, relaxing horseback rides surrounded by nature, or exciting hikes through trails and ancient villages. We also offer cultural tours that will guide you to discover the historical and artistic wonders of the region, allowing you to immerse yourself in the local culture in an authentic and profound way.

Travyu organizes courses and workshops ranging from traditional handicrafts to local cuisine, from sustainable farming techniques to nature photography. These experiences enrich your trip and allow you to gain new skills and connect directly with the local community. Our workshops are designed to be inclusive and accessible, providing learning and fun opportunities for all.

Sustainability is a core value for Travyu. We are committed to promoting tourism that respects and enhances the area’s natural environment and cultural heritage. Our activities are designed to have a positive impact on local communities and to preserve natural resources for future generations. By choosing Travyu, you not only enjoy unique experiences, but also contribute to more responsible and sustainable tourism.

Our goal is to create a varied and quality tourism offering that can meet the needs of all travelers, from the most adventurous to the most contemplative. We believe that every trip should be an opportunity to grow, learn and connect with the world in an authentic and meaningful way. With Travyu, every experience becomes a lasting memory, enriched by the beauty of the places and the warm welcome of the people who live there.

We are also proud to announce the official partnership between Travyu and RisorgiMarche 2024. Sharing values such as the promotion of sustainable tourism practices and the enhancement of the local area, this collaboration will allow for the support and promotion of initiatives in harmony with the environment. RisorgiMarche, known for its events celebrating the rebirth of Le Marche, is the ideal partner to demonstrate Travyu’s commitment to sustainability and land enhancement.

Join us on this extraordinary adventure to discover the heart of Italy. Travyu is ready to guide you through a journey of excitement, discovery and respect for nature, offering the best of experiential tourism in every season of the year. Discover with us a new way of traveling, where every step is an opportunity to explore, learn and love the world around us.

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