Rocca Calascio, Italy - August 11, 2022: The Castle of Rocca Calascio is a mountain top fortress or rocca  in the Province of L'Aquila, Abruzzo, central Italy, Europe. Located in the Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park. Panoramic view.

Rocca Calascio – a fortress at 1460 meters


The remains of the fortress can be seen in the distance, drawing travelers into what is notoriously still wilderness. The Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park is made up of expanses of nature, small and almost uninhabited villages and places of great scenic charm.

Because from up there, once you reach Rocca Calascio, a film set of excellence and cult films like Ladyhawke, the view is all around, 360 degrees.

The view is lost, and from that privileged point you can see how this territory is yet to be discovered in depth. Rocca Calascio is a tiny hamlet – throughout the year only 3 people reside there – of Calascio. It has been a popular place for a long time now, especially in spring and summer because those who visit it talk about it and those who reach it once return at least once more.

The peace that comes with walking slowly through this group of houses is hard to find in other places, and then the history can be felt in every corner. Because the fortress, today a fairly large part of it remains-is among the highest fortifications in Italy (it reaches 1460 meters above sea level) and has an ancient origin as a defensive and military fortification.

Nearby then, just a few steps away, is the Church of Our Lady of Mercy, an octagonal building commissioned by locals as a sign of thanksgiving to Heavenly Mother for a victory over a band of brigands.

And at the foot of all this spectacle is the village that is enlivened thanks to those from outside who once reached it and decided to stay to spend their lives.

Sleeping in this small cluster of houses is possible thanks to those who decided many years ago to open an accommodation and restaurant. The privilege of waking up in such a place is for few but the experience must be had at least once.

Arriving in Calascio, one leaves the car outside the village and thinks no more about anything for a few days. One savors the slow passing time, relaxes and listens to the story of those captivated by this hamlet who decided to care for it, maintain it and revive it.

Then you can’t leave without tasting something local, which in such a beautiful place tastes even better.



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