Grotte di Frasassi, Italy - 5 January 2018 - The Frasassi Caves, a huge karst cave system in the town of Genga, province of Ancona, Marche region, central Italy, famous tourist attraction.

From the sky to the abyss


Hills, sea, mountains. All reachable in a few kilometers, less than an hour and thirty by car, and, in the Marche region, you have the opportunity to get a little bit everywhere, enjoy different sceneries and experience even adrenaline-pumping adventures.

The route to the Red Blades is a nice idea for those who are always looking for wonder and special places. The territory of the Sibillini Mountains is fascinating and worth visiting in every corner. From Lake Fiastra-weare in the province of Macerata, inland-an artificial body of water surrounded by unspoiled nature, in about an hour and a half’s walk, easily traversed even by children without the need for special training, one arrives at a canyon of spires shaped by wind and time. A spectacle that appears in front after a path that winds mostly through the forest. The route is about seven kilometers long, round trip, and the elevation gain is 200 meters, the road you take is unpaved and then enters a beautiful holm oak forest that in summer helps to shelter from the sun. There are no water sources on the route so it is very important to take it with you and be equipped.

Traveling about 80 kilometers (50 miles) north, you pass the province of Macerata and arrive in the province of Ancona. Here among the areas to see is definitely the town of Genga. There is much to see in this part of Le Marche, starting with this small castle of medieval origin where the Romanesque abbey of San Vittore delle Chiuse stands out. It is the most prominent Benedictine monastery in the area and has remained intact in its former glory. Nearby-it can only be reached on foot-a visit to Valadier’s temple is not to be missed. Built in the belly of the rock, it is an architectural marvel of great beauty.

A short distance from there, nature is at its best in an underground journey. The caves of Frasassi, known all over the world are located in the Gola della Rossa e di Frasassi Regional Natural Park and give those who visit them the opportunity to immerse themselves in a paradise of natural sculptures, stalactites and stalagmites formed by limestone stratifications over many, many years. All the result of the work of water and rock that has been deposited over time and created a spectacle. A route that for the more adventurous can also be caving following experienced guides who take tourists to see and touch the magic of nature even deeper.

This is an area full of beauty and legends, such as the one concerning the small hamlet of Pierosara. The name is curious because it comes from the fusion of Piero and Sara. The story goes, in fact, that the feudal lord of Rotorscio Castle fell in love with a beautiful maiden from nearby Rocca Petrosa. She, however, was in love and betrothed to another castellan also named Piero. The first suitor in order to have her decided to kidnap her, but the inhabitants of the castle, as soon as he attempted the feat closed the entrance gates and began the battle. During the fight, the count killed Sara, and Piero survived and also died in the fight, right next to his beloved. In memory of this sad contention, Petroso Castle, from that day on, took the name Pierosara!



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